Dogma and Exploitation

September 22nd, 2011

The Source

Very often we say that a particular individual or a particular community of people is badly exploited. Then, what we mean by “exploited” is this, that they are exploited in the economic stratum. But if we penetrate deeply into the matter, we shall discover that the exploitation has not been only in the economic stratum, but also in the other strata of human existence, in different forms, on various pretexts.

When there is exploitation on the physical level, it is not necessarily economic in nature in all cases; it is mostly social. For instance, the vested interests inject, at a certain stage, inferiority or superiority complexes in the public mind and at a much later stage, use those psychic complexes for social or economic exploitation. This exploitation on the psychic level is mostly perpetrated, in the first phase, through dogma.

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  1. 1 samarendra
    October 15th, 2012 at 10:45 am

    As for example KANYADAN is a dogma.What is the right of a person to give away another person to some body else?VIVAHA introduced by Sadashiva is the right method of marriage .The former has let down the women to subordination as to wageless- labourers.In VIVAH both are co-ordinator to each other.Introduction of Revolutionary Marriage by P R Sarkar will emancipate the society from this type of dogma.

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