Humbler than the grass

February 13th, 2010

Meditação (by Lia Rocha)

To attain complete success in life, one must have mental equipose, mental balance. There must not be any complex in the mind – neither superiority nor inferiority complex.

Now, to bring about mental balance, you should behave with every human being in such a way that this superiority complex or inferiority complex develops neither in you nor in those with whom you behave.

Complex of any sort – superiority or inferiority – is a psychic malady, a mental disease. You must maintain a psychic balance. That balanced mind will be able to move towards the Supreme Consciousness. That’s why it has been said, “One should be humbler than the grass.” Usually superiority is found more in humans than inferiority complex. Even those who possess mere knowledge of the alphabet, feel themselves quite superior to those who are totally illiterate.

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