Intoxicated With the Thought of the Infinite

September 22nd, 2008

How small we are... (by ~jjjohn~)

All created objects are finite; sitting in the midst of the multitude of finite things, and with the help of a finite unit mind, it is impossible, either in theory or in practice, to think of the Infinite.

When the mind becomes intoxicated with the thought of the Infinite, then the finite mind transcends its own limits and loses itself in a state of endless peace.

This is the highest attainment.

Reprinted with permission of Ananda Marga Central Publications. PR Sarkar / Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti, "Shiva's Teachings 2" in 'Namah Shivaya Shantaya' (Ananda Marga Publications, 1995). ©1995 Ánanda Márga Pracáraka Sam'gha.

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  1. 1 Radha
    October 23rd, 2008 at 10:32 pm

    Thank you so much for finding these quotes. Also the pictures you choose are absolutely STUNNING.

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