One Must Always Think of the Supreme

October 29th, 2007

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One who wants to attain the goal must not be too concerned with obstacles on the way. If one thinks of the obstacles, they will themselves become the goal and not the Supreme.

That is why, in the field of spiritual sa’dhana’ (spiritual practice), one must always think of the Supreme, not anything else. While thinking of this goal, if some opposite feeling comes in the mind of the aspirant, s/he should not think of this.

“From where are the obstacles coming?” This should not be the topic of discussion. “What we have to reach” – this should be the topic of discussion.

Reprinted with permission of Ananda Marga Central Publications. PR Sarkar / Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti, "Brahmabhava and Human Life" in 'The Thoughts of PR Sarkar' (Purulia: Ananda Marga Publications, 2005). ©2005 Ánanda Márga Pracáraka Sam'gha.

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