September 29th, 2011

Your duty is threefold. Your first duty is to observe morality and do intuitional practices. Without this you cannot have mental determination. Your next duty is to unite the moralists of the world, otherwise righteousness (dharma) will not endure. This will be your real duty. You will become great by this, for ideation of the […]

Life Resembles an Ever-Flowing Spring

October 8th, 2007

Don’t compare life to a pool of muddy, stagnant water. Life resembles an ever-flowing spring. Pushing aside the stones of obstruction and difficulties, marching on with vigorous speed is its nature. Hence it is clear that one who wants to keep away from obstacles has lost the Dharma (essence) of life; verily, he is dead […]

A Common Philosophy of Life

August 19th, 2007

A common philosophy of life demands a clear conception in the human mind that the development of the human personality means an evolution in all the three spheres – physical, metaphysical or mental, and spiritual. Some objective materialist thinkers have held the opinion that spirituality is a utopian philosophy, bereft of practicalities pertaining to actual […]

Your Only Object of Ideation

May 21st, 2007

So many scriptures say so many things, and they are sometimes contradictory to one another. Now what to do? What is an ordinary man to do? Whom to follow and whom not to follow? There are so many social codes in the world. And amongst intellectuals there are so many diversities of opinion. One intellectual […]